Known locally as Castle Meadow or Dol’s Meadow - Caer Ddôl  is situated just a short walk from us.

Caer – Fortification or Wall

Ddôl – Meadow, Field, Pasture or, more specifically, Water-Meadow

Caer Ddôl Is a small area of land sitting on the south west shore and in the flood plain of Llyn Padarn (Llyn Padarn Site of Special Scientific Interest) in the busy tourist village of Llanberis, North Wales. It takes its name from its proximity to Dolbadarn castle that sits on the hill overlooking the meadow which was probably built by Llywelyn ab Iorwerth (‘the Great’) early in the thirteenth century; Dolbadarn itself means ‘Padarn’s Meadow’ in reference to the lake alongside which it sits. The whole area of pasture is separated into two separate enclosures; one grazed by sheep, containing a area of the SSSI, and one, until the removal of grazing in 2013, grazed by horses from a local riding stable.


It was after the horses had stopped grazing part of Y Ddôl that we noticed some of the native wildflowers starting to return. Realising the potential of the land, a community group was formed in 2014 to manage, in conjunction with the landowners; Padarn Country Park/Gwynedd County Council, Caer Ddôl for the plant life it contained.

Annual management (cutting and removal of risings) is helping to allow the slow recolonisation of the meadow by the area’s native species and we are seeing a ever increasing amount of flowering plants and other meadow wildlife. Almost equally as important is that the Friends of Caer Ddôl are working to help people, both visitors and locals alike, connect with the meadow flowers and are doing their bit to combat ‘Plant Blindness‘.

Just some of the things the Friends of Caer Ddôl have been doing

  • a whole host of public events throughout the year in conjunction with ‘Loving our Lake‘ and ‘Grow Wild‘ including bat walks, wildflower walks, raking events and the restoration of a traditional slate fence in Caer Ddôl.
  • Creation of Caer Ddôl information boards, encouraging people to go and find wild flowers in the meadow, positioned along the railings of a children’s play area near to Caer Ddôl.
  • A Caer Ddôl Meadow in and on a phonebox in the centre of the village in association with Loving our Lake and Y Festri.

You can find out more about what’s been going on in Caer Ddôl by following the Friends of Caer Ddôl on twitter @EinCaerDdol or joining the ‘Ffrindiau Caer Ddôl‘ Facebook group.

You can also find out more about what the Friends of Caer Ddôl have been up to  on the Grow Wild website or the Loving our Lake website


Tel box from Snowdonia-Active on Vimeo.